SKATE is about my journey as a person, as an actor .. It is not a acting school but about acting and what acting can do to u in day to day life .. It is a therapy which anybody can go through and see a happy transformational phase in himself ..We actors are blessed with playing different roles in life and live so many lives by playing different roles and characters as compared to a working person either from buisiness, education, govt job, corporate sector and so on. SKATE will inspire u to live or rather skate u into another life or lives in this lifetime.. it is going to be inspirational, motivational and therapeutic .. I will be sharing my life stories and experience of life as actor and my growth as a person while taking u across this programme So leave yourself once, get into another garb, a character or a person and SKATE with me into a Happy World

Learn from a legend

He was the rib-tickling yet sensitive Calendar from Mr. India? He was Pappu Pager, the hilarious thug. He was Chanu Ahmed in the internationally acclaimed Brick Lane? He broke your heart as Willy Loman in the Hindi adaptation of Death of a Salesman. He was the evil Ram Reddy in Laxmi. He has crores of people waiting for his radio show even now. He has won accolades and awards at literally every level.

A man who has been responsible for convulsive laughter as well as moist eyes across the globe, Satish Kaushik has been every kind of immortal character in every part of the world. He now feels the need to give back to the world the empowerment he has felt with his mountainous talent. With this force of nature from the National School of Drama, you’re learning from not only one of the very best, but also one of the kindest, most sensitive and genuine actors in India who has never failed a relationship or a friendship.

SKATE is not merely a crash course in acting

This is not just for those who wish to become stars or pursue a career in acting, though it can be that, too. Indeed the purpose of SKATE is far, far larger. At its very core, acting is pure empathy. And when you cultivate empathy, you develop the ability to get into the skin of other characters. You understand their lives, their motivations, their compulsions, their restrictions, their ambitions and their weaknesses.

No better way to better your relationship with the world

When an employer plays the role of an employee, he understands the life of the employee better. When the teacher enacts a student, she understands the mind of the student better. When a cop performs as a criminal, he understands the criminal mindset. Empathy can transform the world through better relationships.

Discover the power of acting as a philosophy, a practice and as a life skill.

The universal power of acting as a skill cannot be overstated. The phrase “act accordingly” refers to how you behave with different people in different situations, circumstances and places. SKATE, therefore, can make you intrinsically a person more capable of communicating with the rest of the world.

An escape from the mundane, whenever you need it

Acting is a delightful holiday from the drudgery of daily life. Tired of your desk job as a teller in a bank? Don the hat of a detective and prowl the streets incognito. Bored of being a homemaker? Play a passionate journalist in our exercise. Exhausted from your daily rigours as a logistics supervisor? Become an all-powerful don, even if for a few delightful hours. Acting can transport you into an exciting world of your own making, and it can grow your personality by imbuing it with versatility.

Become the person everyone can fall in love with

When you express better, with greater empathy and greater power, you can actually touch hearts and stir souls. Your charisma transcends your mere appearance and people look up to you with love and admiration.

Acting is an anti ageing tonic

Time and tide erode the wide-eyed enthusiasm one has for life and its twists and turns. We become cynical and jaded without realizing it. Acting is a delightful exercise in bringing your inner child alive again. This is because discovering yourself again as a different person is a brand new journey, a joyful new adventure.

Acting heals

There have been instances where actors, having arrived at their sets burning with fever, have emerged from their performances hale and hearty, fully cured. At its highest level, acting is an out-of-body experience that can literally free you from what your body is carrying physically, be it pain or disease.

Achieve new heights in your own arena

The person you always wanted to be is but a performance away, or perhaps a few performances infused with conviction and belief. When you act and then behave like a person on his or her way to greater success, how can that success elude you?

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